Farmers Market and Fife & Drum

Saturday morning, headed on down to the Santa Fe Farmers Market. Had to cross the train tracks to get from the parking lot.

Checking out what's there, as usual, but really our goal was to get a couple burritos to start off the day. Got there a little too late — all that was left was the vegan burrito, still a pretty tasty choice: potatoes smothered in red chile powder, black beans, onions.

Because of the latter, Monica had to go with the tamales.

Our usual favorites of either the sausage or bacon, eggs and cheese along with the aforementioned spicy potatoes, will have to wait. We've learned a valuable lesson about getting there early.

Kicked around the market for a bit. We're just really waiting for the tomatoes, longing for the days when you can eat one that actually has flavor. Still too early, it seems.

After a few other stops worked our way down to the Plaza. The Museum of International Folk Art has had a series of events in conjuction with its Carnaval! exhibit, where they showcase carnival traditions of various cultures. This weekend, it was Switzerland, with performances by Rätz Clique. The writeup in the local alt newsweekly led me to believe that this fife and drum corps would actually we wearing paper maché rat heads. Not true. They had all different sorts.

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Mel said...

I am about two days from harvesting my first Pink Brandywine...I'm very excited, having watched it from the kitchen window for lo these past 70 days. He's going to get sliced up and placed on a piece of ciabatta from the new bakery in town with a slice of fresh mozzarella and a few basil leaves...ahhh a few minutes on the grill, a splash of "O" 10-year old balsamic and I'm in heaven.

Cool farmer's market...I was out on a errand Saturday morning and drove by our pathetic farmer's market (most people just put out the produce they grow in their backyard or extra lot on a table, under an umbrella, with a "honor system" money box. Right now the Silver Queen corn is 3 for a $1 and enormous sunflowers are 50 cents each...I got a HUGE bouquet from a very cute and nice young man for $3 - Arlington we are not. I also got some red and golden beets for a roasted beet salad (that one I made for you guys with the blue cheese and chipotle-tangerine vinaigrette)...and a big basket of tomatoes to supplement my crop. There are a couple of Purple Cherokee on the vine working their way to ripeness...though I'm a little disappointed in the performance of the Golden Pears this year...I think it's just been too hot...though tomatoes supposedly like the heat and it makes them sweeter....whatever.

Three years here and yes, this was the first time I've actually STOPPED at the farmer's market downtown..though I have stopped by the roadside more times than I can count...the cantaloupe are the absolute best...those deep-ribbed ones that are dark coral and luscious. Okay, I'm hungry and I'm going to eat something now.