Swimming With Stella

As I wrote, for the new job, it's no longer jeans and tshirts. Express is really the only place I've found that makes the kind of dress shirts I prefer — sized for skinny guys, dark and neutral solids, cotton with a bit of lycra. But the closest store is at the Cottonwood Mall in Albuquerque. So, yesterday, it was off to the big city. The shopping was as trauma-free as something like this can be, but we hurried through, and then headed off to see Bob and Shannon.

We hung out at their house for a bit, then went out for lunch, winding up at one of the branches of Il Vicino for their always-terrific pizza. Then, back to the house and out to the pool. Air temperature was about 91º in the shade, the water was about 86º when the pool was uncovered. Shannon and I headed into the water soon after Stella (Yellow Lab). Everyone got in on throwing her chew toy into the pool, but we eventually worked out a game where she'd bring the chew toy to the water's edge, we'd wrestle for it, I'd take it to the middle of the pool and dive with it, and she'd jump in to retrieve it. Though Stella does enjoy the occasional cooling jump in the pool, here it was all business — get the toy, swim to the steps, and get out.

Chelsea (Golden Retriever) was kind of pushed into the water by a neighbor as a pup, and so stays out of the pool.

She was, however, there to greet Stella when she emerged from the pool to steal away the chew toy.


jraphael said...

But did she ever tire of the game? I mean, at some point, did she roll her eyes and get wise to what you were up to?

Bram said...

She's a puppy — a labrador puppy. We were out of the pool and sitting around, and we had to refuse to continue to play for fear that she'd overdo it.

dj lil'e said...

A - you look tan, my friend!

B - try Bachrach for tall, skinny man-clothing (http://www.bachrach.com/). That's where my man-friend goes, and he barely has to get anything tailored.