Garden Update, Bram Edition

When we moved, we could only take the plants that would fit in the car. It came down to the clivia that lives in our bedroom; the orchid that's never bloomed after the first time five years ago, but is otherwise healthy; and my bunch of eight stalks of lucky bamboo that I keep in my Outward Bound mug.

I've killed two stalks since moving.

Let's pause for a moment. And consider. I have managed to kill bamboo.


Sherry said...

You killed two??? How the F**k did you do that? No one can kill those things unless they try really really hard. Damn Bram... and they were lucky too!

jraphael said...

What made them lucky? Apparently, living in Virginia, you shmuck.

andy said...

Xeric corp much more interesting than gardening tips

monica said...

(For those of you not playing along with Andy, Bram posted a link to the Xeric Foundation on the blog over at the Raised by Squirrels site.)

Liz said...

Monica - thanks for the clarification. I thought my reading comprehension skills were pretty good but I completely missed the Xeric reference. Phew - I'm not crazy. And that's what it's all about for me. Constant reassurance that I'm not crazy.
Happy Friday!