today's project

Back in May, when we first began to enjoy the balcony, we set up the folding chairs and put out our little roll-up wooden slat camp table. Even though it's great — and much beloved for its years of faithful service at countless Colonial Village grillouts and courtyard picnics — the table proved too unwieldy for the balcony. [ sigh ] So where to put the margaritas?!? Having more boxes than sense at the time, we picked a smallish one that fit between the 2 chairs. Et voila: The Meehan Home for Wayward Booze.

However, after a couple of good rainstorms, it was kinda worse for wear.

Would you set a drink on that? I think not! It might spill! Sure, we could have picked up a $5 plastic stepstool at Albertsons, but I wanted something a little nicer. And, after having to re-assemble all of our particleboard-and-veneer Ikea furniture, I wanted solid wood. Nothing fancy, simple little table, how hard could that be to find? Not too hard, provided you're willing to pay upwards of $60 for it. Welcome to Santa Fe.

Fortunately, Santa Fe, in addition to being high-priced and touristy, used to be ruled by hippies. There still exist remnants of their influence, like crunchy little plant nurseries, more yoga studios than you can count, food co-ops and farmers market, and the Habitat for Humanity ReStore. That's where I bought $3 of salvage lumber, and 50 cents worth of screws. Once home, I dragged out a hand saw, my old Yankee hand drill, and got to work. 2 hours later, and... well, the Shakers would plotz, but I'm happy with it.

It kinda reminds me of the Judd furniture in Marfa. Or maybe I'll paint it... turquoise? This is Santa Fe, after all.


Mel said...

Or Roy McMakin....or Maine Cottage Furniture...both of which I love...not as much as I love you, ingenious girl. ...you rock major ass...but please, please I beg of you..don't paint it turquoise. Ice Blue, Sky Blue, Robin's Egg Blue...please just not turquoise. I think the only things that should be turquoise are ACTUAL turquoise and the ocean...so strongly do I feel about this that I recently almost didn't buy a pair of really cute underwear which had strong blue tiny polka dots which the catalog called "turquoise"...I purchased them after I decided they were really just dark blue-green.

andy said...

If SF is so rustic and hippy, why does every 5 and dime have a web site ?

Table is awesome.

Sherry said...

Monica, you are awesome!!!

monica said...

In the interest of full disclosure (and because, from the photo, my parents seemed to think the table was much bigger than it actually is), I have to tell everyone that this table is — maybe — a foot tall, a foot wide and 18 inches long. Basically a glorified stepstool. But it's still a great place to park your margarita!