Summer solstice

Forecasts for this week have called for highs in the 90s, chance of thunderstorms in the afternoon, 60s overnight. There, apparently, are things out here called "dry thunderstorms," where the clouds roll in, look all badass, there's thunder + lightning, but no rain, or only a few drops. We've witnessed this — it's dramatic as all get out.

I was at Janie + Joa's again today, helping Joa out with the gardening. Joa's been really sweet, mothering me, worried about my possible reaction the 90° heat/sun, and has warned me that she will send me home early if she thinks it's too hot. Today started out much like yesterday, sunny and warm (high 70s by 8:00 am). By 11:00 the clouds had rolled in. Joa and I whooped for happy — shade is always good! Then the thunder + lightning started + wind picked up. J+J's house is on a bit of a rise, but it's not the highest thing around, so still okay, and the breeze was great, too. Around noon, it started to sprinkle and Joa told me to go home. I wasn't tired, it hadn't been that hot, but she insisted. As I drove home, the rain was coming down harder, but it usually doesn't last very long, so still no big deal.

Three hours later, it was still raining. Joa is magic!

According to one of Bram's co-workers (who grew up here) this sort of thing used to happen briefly every day, this time of year. I guess a 20-year drought tends to make people forget that.

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