A Day In Burque

Been a while since we'd caught up with Bob and Shannon down in Albuquerque, so on Friday we headed down to have lunch. They'd just wrapped up their big family visit, and Shannon was (briefly) in between business trips. We had a good, large, carnivorous meal out, and spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out at the house, having a great time catching up and playing with the dogs (+1, as they were dogsitting Sadie, a black lab mix).

A few errands in the big city (including a stop at the used CD store in Nob Hill, where they had the new Reckless Kelly), and we were off to a party thrown by one of our fellow comic creators. A small, low-key affair, but we got to meet the artist of the little painting Monica got me for Christmas. There were supposed to be no presents this year, but this is kind of for both of us.

A few weeks back, 7000 B.C. held another fundraiser. Sol Arts, who hosted the event, put up a show of illustration to coincide with it, and this acrylic painting was a part — Safe In Bed by Rebecca Salazar. We both really liked it, and when I wasn't looking, Monica went and bought it.

Only fair, 'cause, without authorization, I had already bought a watercolor by group member Jamie Chase from the silent auction fundraiser.

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Happy New Year!!