New Mexico Spaceport?

The big news out of Santa Fe today: Richard Branson's planning on locating his spaceport in southern New Mexico.

I'm not a fan of these private ventures that get funded with taxpayer money, but there's something about this one . . . it really captures the imagination in the way a sports stadium can't. And wouldn't it be amazing if it's everything they say it will be?


jraphael said...

Oh come on. You guys are just WAITING for the opportunity to look down upon it from some craggy bluff and say, "Rich Branson Spaceport. You'll never find a more wretched hive of scum and villiany."

jraphael said...

Says the article: "...They include actress Victoria Principal, who told the news conference she looked forward to being on the first civilian flight of Virgin Galactic, perhaps as soon as 2008. "To me, Virgin Galactic and New Mexico makes a perfect marriage," she said...."

Says me: Not a ringing endorsement, since she's been married like 5 times.

andy said...

At least people will actually use a sports stadium.