more snow today

Last night's weather report predicted "flurries" for north central NM. Woke up this morning to a couple of inches on the ground, and missing mountains. Wet snow, stuck to everything, but quickly melting. The streets are wet, and everything is white and foggy.


jraphael said...

The NY Times today (12/16) has a feature on Christmas in Santa Fe. Check it out and get back to the rest of us about how accurate their suggestions are.

Bram said...

Mom + Dad are heading west for Christmas. They arrive in town on Wednesday night and will be here until the next Tuesday.

We've already got plans to do some things that are discussed in the article.

After a dinner out, we'll be heading on the farolito walk on Christmas Eve. And, on Christmas, we hope to head to Cochiti Pueblo (further south than Santo Domingo) for the dances in the afternoon.

So far, I can confirm the accuracy of the ubiquity of the farolitos (or electro-litos) on pretty much all of the commercial buildings in the area, and they do look pretty. That light bulb joke is on target as well. There are trees decorated on 25, but not that many. My co-worker's wife works at Maria's and he has long said that they are the best margaritas in town.