farolito fotos

El farol is Spanish around here for "the light" (and also the name of a tapas restaurant, but that's another story). So, farolitos are "little lights" — paper bags with sand in them for weight, and a lit candle set into the sand. Here's what one looks like from above:

Unfortunately — because I promised to post photos of the farolito walk — our digital camera didn't do too well. The farolitos put out a nice, warm glow that — although plenty bright to see by — just wasn't enough light to get large-scale photos of all the people and buildings as we walked up Canyon Road:

If you used the flash, they just looked like paper bags:

Although that didn't stop us from trying, particularly Jim and Marsha;

It was a nice, brisk walk: flickering faroilitos lining walls, roofs, gardens, and roads; small piƱon bonfires here and there; wandering carolers; and musicians performing at some of the open galleries and restaurants.

Merry Christmas!


mb at reference said...

Ahhhhh, I knew I could count on you guys to have farolito photos...

Sherry said...

Merry Christmas!!! Know that you are missed but most of all know that you are loved!