Back Home, Where It Is Warm(er)

Returned from Milwaukee a day early, passing through the snow in Cincinnati to make it home late Thursday night. It was cold in Milwaukee — now, I understand that pretty much everyone's been suffering from the cold air the Canadians have been exporting, but I still insist that it's a special kind of cold out there at 3 AM.

The schedule of being at the printing plant every 4-6 hours left little time to explore the city. But what I did get to see was pretty nice. On Andy's recommendation, spent some time at The Eisner American Museum of Advertising & Design, which is an amazing converted warehouse. The current exhibit is a retrospective of Nike's agency Wieden+Kennedy; for me, the best part was seeing TV ads I'd only ever read about.

And, before heading to the airport, I managed to swing by Usinger's to bring home some kielbasa.

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