by request...

My parents got our Christmas card the other day, and Mom was curious about the photo. I had to fess up that it was actually one of five that we took in the arroyo out back, the morning after the first snow. The combination of desert plants with snow on them seemed appropriate. She suggested that I post all of them to the blog, so that everyone could see them all.






Your chances for getting the cactus are higher, because I printed 6 photos out on one page, and that one was on there twice. Feel free to comment if you liked another photo better than the one you got... but if you do, you also have to tell us which one you should have gotten, and why.


andy said...

We got the cactus and I think it's the best as it captures both the New Mexico and Christmas/winter theme in one shot. However, I had to think awhile about the agave as it looks like some crazy snow ball or medievel weapon.

jraphael said...

We got agave and are very happy with it. It reminds me of the sculpture at Rockefeller Center that the Titanium Man threw at Iron Man back in #135. Gnah!

andy said...

I didn't want to go there, but you can always count on raphael.