marionette show / party

In addition to the woodcuts for which he's most famous, artist Gustave Baumann made a set of over 60 marionette puppets. They're now part of the Santa Fe Museum of Fine Arts' collection. Some of them have been replicated for use in the marionette show at the Museum's annual Holiday open house. Joa heads up the group of puppeteers, and alerted us to the show.

The puppet stage was set up on the larger auditorium stage.

The story involved two mischevieous sprites who cast spells on Miguelito, the burro, causing him to eat so many apples that his "stomach was on fire." There was much moaning and staggering and burping and farting on the burro's part. The kids (including us) loved it.

Between shows, Joa operated the "southwest Santa" marionette at a photo station — Santa sits on your lap! We waited until the children were done, then posed ourselves. Janie snapped a photo of us and Joa.

Jett's birthday/Christmas party was later that night. He got a passel of vintage ties from his Mom.


gary said...

Great pic of Mon and Bram!!

That would also have been a good one for your Christmas card...captures the desert and the holiday madness...if not the snow...

steve cantrell said...

Thanks for posting about the Christmas Baumann Marionettes. On Jan 30 the original and now restored Baumann marionettes will go on view at the New Mexico Museum of Art as well as Baumann paintings of the marionettes.