Going 2 Milwaukee

I'm off for a business trip to Milwaukee, checking on the printing of our quarterly publication. At the Albuqurque airport now, and if everything goes according to plan, I'll be returning on Friday. I'll see about blogging from the road, but in the meantime, play along at home and and watch the temperature plummet.

Note for future reference: high-speed wireless at the Albuquerque airport, courtesy of the city.


jraphael said...

No repsonse on good M'kee venues to visit. I've failed you once again.

andy said...

Downtown milwaukee (from the indian) is pretty cool. They got a fancy dancy world class art museum on the lake. but down by the art museum, they have a museum of advertiesing and design. the William Eisner to be precise. very cool place.


Bram said...

Ah, should've realized that the road trip would've taken you through Milwaukee at some point. Thanks for the tips.