plant pictures, because Liz asked for them

Okay, it's hard to take good pictures of plants. And some of them aren't blooming yet. The agastache and scarlet bugler penstemon don't look like much now, but they're supposed to attract hummingbirds, once they bloom.


Liz said...

Thanks for going to all that trouble documenting your beautiful balcony garden. You didn't have to do that just for moi. But since you take requests, I challenge you to catch a photo of a hummingbird visiting your hummingbird friendly plants!

monica said...


I'll try to get an h-bird pic for you, but I've only seen one: checked out our geranium (when that was the only plant we had), then the neighbors' h-bird feeder, then flew off, stopped at neither one! They're fast little buggers.

Anonymous said...

Humming birds are way cool. My neighbor dowstairs has a profusion of plants to attract them (AND a feeder). They zip around fircely defending thier territory against other invading males (you can imagine David Attenborogh's voice there if you like.) My good friend Lesley showed me recently a little humming bird nest in the oleander thicket just outside her apartment! There were 2 tiny heads poking out of a nest the size of a golf ball! The eggs, I was told, were the size of vitamin pills.