Farmers Market Foray

All the stuff we were kinda planning for the weekend didn't come to pass, so that left us pretty much completely free. So figured we'd go to the Farmers Market on Saturday morning. Cheyenne had proven that she could make the walk to the area and last week she proved she has the endurance. So when she got us up in the morning, we fed her breakfast and then all went back to bed … to … ummm … give her time and make sure she didn't get bloat.

Later, we headed out, walking on the shady side of Alameda at a leisurely pace, and about 40 minutes later made it to the Market.


Dogs have always been prohibited there, at all its locations, but nowadays it's actually being enforced pretty strictly. But, this being Santa Fe, everybody's used to bringing their dogs everywhere. And this, being Santa Fe, somebody's figured out a way to make it work. There are dogholders at the Market, one of the members of the Greyhound rescue group had been doing it some, but she's recovering from surgery. But we had faith that someone would be there, and, after walking along the train tracks to the main entrance, found Susan to watch our dog. She's from Afghan Rescue New Mexico and donations for her dogwatching go to that group.

It's still early in the season, and, since there was no entertaining to be planning for and nothing that really caught our attention, we just grabbed breakfast and a bone for Cheyenne (for later). And headed back out to the main entrance, where one of the benches was in the shade. Which we proceeded to hang out by and occupy for about the next hour-and-a-half. We just hung out with Susan, met all the people who wanted to see Cheyenne. Went back in for pastries. Talked dogs, rescuing dogs, and just kind of enjoyed a morning with nothing to do.

Afternoon, while I, among other things, was posting our books to Scribd (which the LAT tells me is the next big thing) — at least I think I was; I mean, they show up in my page, others seem to have viewed them, but I'll be darned if I can search or browse my way to them (and now I swear only one is showing up) — Monica was getting stuff in the ground. And then we all walked some extra tomatoes over to Dave and Shelby's to visit and check out their gardens. They've been busy getting their gelato business going recently, so Shelby hasn't been updating her garden blog, but we'd heard about the new raised beds.

The three kids just love Cheyenne, especially BK (age 2-ish [?]). The dog's just amazing, the way she just goes along with them hanging over her.


Around the time we began to consider a grillout, the clouds rolled in, the wind picked up …

And, Sunday morning, with nothing to do, we again fed the dog and went back to bed. And after our breakfast later, packed her up and to the Dorothy Stewart trail over by St. John's. There's some up and down, but from previous experience, we consider it easier than Chamisa. Though it is more exposed, so we were lucky to have some clouds.

With a few breaks along the way, we were out for just more than an hour. By the end, she was dragging, but still game. Seems to appreciate a good hike. And was rewarded that afternoon with her new bone.

And, once we considered a grillout … you can guess where that's going. Cheyenne, as it turns out, isn't so fond of the thunder, I wouldn't characterize her as freaked out, but she is unsettled, we hung out with her until the storm passed. And then decided to just walk over and check out Tune-Up CafĂ©'s dinner. Our route took us by Jamie and Betsy's who, as it turns out, were wrapping up their afternoon of gardening and letting their new chickens out for a bit — and had no plans for dinner.


It was maybe a bit too cool to be outside, but we persevered in the corner booth, which offered the most protection from the wind.

And, to conclude our weekend report, a Giant Nose Picture of Cheyenne.

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