For those of you keeping score …

we managed to accomplish neither of the aforementioned likely Sunday chores:

1. The mulched Russian olive remains tarped in the driveway — hey, it was gray and windy and actually rained on and off all day; and

2. we still have no idea if our TV is so outdated that we need to replace it.

On the other hand, we had homemade banana-chocolate muffins for breakfast, homemade ribs for dinner, accomplished a few closet-related chores, and I wasted a decent chunk of the day getting 7000 BC's expanded Flickr stream going.


andy said...

On our rainy Sunday, fired up both the deep fryer and the smoker. doughnuts, sweet potato fries and 4+ hours smoked ribs and company turned out okay.

Bram said...

Dang, we just had Bittman's oven-cooked variant with some Whole Hog sauce. To be honest, didn't work as planned -- still figuring out the cooking time.

Meant to point you to this article in the Santa Fe Reporter on smoking.