Lazy Sunday

A long, early-morning walk with Cheyenne across the river, and then all sorts of games of phone tag with Jamie about breakfast plans. We wound up heading out on our own to the new Flying Star at the Railyard and meeting up with him in the middle of our Southwest Bennies, then lingering for a good long while. A quick trip through the Community Fair, then Jamie left us so we could go gear shopping at Sangre de Cristo Mountain Works and REI.

Which inspired Monica to get out the tent, set it up, and see if Cheyenne would go in it. Which she did, with a little coaxing. Discovering how crowded it would be for the three of us, the focus soon shifted to getting her to lie on her bed under the rain fly. And led to talk of a test sleepout in the yard this weekend.

Clear enough to fire up the grill and get James away from his computer for a couple hours for burgers for dinner.


There was, like, an honest-to-goodness night of rain last night. At least 12 hours, more or less continuous. It's such a rare treat to fall asleep to the sound, and so tough to get out of bed on a gray, rainy morning. Pretty much quashed our plans for the first Music on the Hill, but the plants were happy and all the rain barrels are overflowing. It was snow up in the higher elevations, coating the top of of the mountain, which we failed to get a picture of.

Our evening's walk netted us another dog, Marvin, a blond, total Northern NM mutt that we met wandering along the river. He was happy to follow us, and awfully anxious to get wherever we were going when we yoked him to Cheyenne's leash. A total sweetie. His owner, upon arriving in the Vanagon (while Marvin jumped right into the passenger seat) noted that he kind of faked them out and just got away. Again, no pictures of this snowy-faced affable lug.

There's also a bunch of new photos at Chamisa.

Photo at the top from the Railyard parking garage.

(Noted that posts have been getting awfully long and full of commas. Working on rectifying that.)

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