Borrego with Cheyenne

I was off today, so that meant dragging the puppy off on a hike.

But not before breakfast at Santa Fe Baking Company. Where, with Monica's suggestion, a bunch of dashing about and a fair amount of worrying while I got it all set up, I got Cheyenne to join me out on the patio. And, so, with my dog, my breakfast burrito, and my laptop with the free WiFi, I was set.

My goal was to be "that guy" — as in, who is that guy, and what does he do that he can sit around with his dog all morning at Santa Fe Baking Company? Except that, with the crowd that was there, someone who just hangs out for only an hour doesn't really merit notice.

So, up the mountain and off to Borrego - Bear Wallow - Winsor Loop. We'd done it a while back and I think I didn't have a clear memory of it. Seemed doable with the dog

And, yes, she was anxious and wanted to get out on the trail. Cooler up there, in shade, a pleasant walk. This was pretty much my view for the hike.

Trail goes down, trail goes up. At the bottom, about 40 minutes in, there's a creek crossing. It took some coaxing — she wasn't scared, she just didn't see the point in going across the water. I feared my new boots were leaking, but I think I was just feeling the cold water outside the lining.

While I was checking, Cheyenne was ready to get going again. Confirmed that nothing was leaking; other than something along the Achilles tendon which seems to be working its way out, the new Vasques seem to be working out well.

Another crossing, had me on a log up the bank and Cheyenne, knee-deep in running water wondering what she was doing; eventually got herself across and up.

For pretty much the whole time, straining at the end of her leash; after the second crossing, at the end of it, but not pulling. Only during that last 20-or-so-minutes of the 2:15 we were out was she worn out enough to just walk beside me.

Running around and such after, took us out to the Santa Fe Humane Society to drop off food and pick up a new Kong (the old one lost in the tree removal?). So well-behaved, and then she spotted the kittehs.

And then the bunny, and then the ferret in cages by the checkout. Still goofed up when we ducked next door to renew her license.

Home, where she slept and I continued to run around a bit before preparing our salmon dinner.

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