First Hike

So, as it turned out, yesterday afternoon's plans with Bob and Claire got complicated, they were off to a late start … it was generally decided that we'd just gather for dinner. After some chores, there was time for the Star Trek movie.

Which was more kinds of awesome than I can fit here, I think. Seriously, so fun, did so many things right, the whole "reboot" was genius. Also — umm, spoiler alert, probably — it was so great to have Nimoy back as Spock. I know he's spent years trying to get beyond that role, but to see him back inhabiting that character was pretty spectacular, a welcome visit from an old friend.

And it all worked out perfectly, we went over to Claire's mom's rented casita off Canyon Road for dinner, some sitting outside while the chicken grilled, then we moved inside for a terrific dinner (including the new favorite, corn and sausage) and a long evening of talking and laughing. They were going to be occupied today, so last night was our goodbye.

But that meant we were free today — and decided to take the dog for her first hike with us. Figured we'd try the Chamisa Trail up the mountain. We know it, it's not too tough … since, in our experience, she kind of maxes out at a 45-minute walk around the neighborhoods, it seemed doable. And the morning was clear, but a little cool and cloudy, so it hopefully wouldn't be too taxing.

We got up the mountain and she was plenty excited to get out and going. It's all uphill for a while there at the beginning, but she was eager, pulling ahead on the trail, rarely stopping to sniff or spot something (and it was inevitably something we couldn't see).


I wonder if it was the defined route, the well-worn path with a clear destination, that kept her going on so strongly. It's not like she was dragging us, but she was pulling all the way to the point where the trail turns around, which is about 45 minutes from the trailhead. We paused to break for snacks, but with some clouds rolling in, headed back on the "low road."

Out almost two hours, when all was said and done. Her energy level barely dropped the whole time, though she did sack out for the trip home.

Still time for more chore-type stuff, including some more work on the yard, detailed over at Santa Fe Garden. And just as I took Cheyenne for her evening stroll, the rain rolled in — an outcome pretty much guaranteed by the afternoon's car-washing.

It looked like there might be a respite, but the thunderstoms started, so there will be no grilling out. That's OK, we're settled in inside for the evening with KISS 97's 97 hours of live DJ-ing and Stacy's Refreshing Beverage of the Week.


Stacy said...

Cheyene you rock! So how was the beverage?

Bram said...

Yes, Cheyenne does, indeed, rock.

Beverage was refreshing and awfully tasty, but kind of sweet. Best as one before a meal, I think.