Short Hike/Long Walk With Audrey

Started off the day with some errands, including getting the 7000 BC table set up at an art sale being held at Wise Fool.

Then, because we're dogsitting Audrey for the weekend — and it seemed a nice winter day — we decided on a bit of a hike. Over by Atalaya, near St. John's, is the Dorothy Stewart trail, which the Sierra Club guidebook describes as an easy, 3-mile hike. By the time we got there, the sky had clouded over and the wind picked up. However, it was still a nice hour out on a trail that winds through the hills and offers some great views of the snow-capped mountains and the town. Audrey seemed to enjoy herself, too.



Off to Hickory for the quarterly press check tomorrow.


paul said...

Who's a good puppy? Who's a good girl?

Sherry said...

uuhh ummm... someones birthday was missed=:( Now that someone is major whiney=:)