The Week In Santa Fe

Well, as I suspected, as we get settled in, there's less and less worthy of posting on a daily basis. Some stuff from the past week, more or less chronologically:

Biking/Bagels — Took my first ride beyond the hill to the bagel shop, for breakfast to accompany the smoked salmon from Mary. I survived. And didn't notice the green chile bagels until the way out.

House-/dogsitting — Looks like we'll be looking after the house and dog of a couple of artist friends of Janie and Joa's. They've got this amazing, custom-designed place on the edge of town that feels like it's the end of the desert. And a big, sweet Bernese/Chow cross. Looks like we'll be out there the middle of next week for about a week, giving us a vacation from this place we hardly have even spent time in.

Gardening — Monica's been over at Janie and Joa's for a couple days this week, helping get the plantings set, fed, and ready for the coming summer.

Computer — Sherry generously passed along her G4 when she upgraded, and we'd been sitting on it until we were settled in the new place. The monitor arrived this week, and so the setup began in earnest. I'm still, in the larger sense, a fan of Apple. But we've had some trying times these past few days. More memory and a retrofit for the wireless is on its way, but I'm feeling optimistic now.

Alias — Missed the season finale (again) but for a good reason. Synopsis, anyone?

Artwork — Everything is unboxed, and our artwork is up. Will try to get pictures, but we're pretty happy with how it all worked out. Took much, much longer that we thought. And it exacted its price in blood.

Wireless — Turns out, the rental office has wireless for residents' use.

True Believers — Headed over on Thursday evening to help hang their show of work from 24 Hour Comic Day. And returned Friday for the opening, a crowded, fun, great time.

Gardening, Part II — Monica hit the local nurseries (all of them) and returned with a wonderful selection to attract hummingbirds and generally decorate our balcony.


monica said...

in my defense, I was comparison shopping. there are 5 nurseries, and it only took me 4 hours!

andy said...

I am not a fan of apple. After purchasing an ipod, it was not compatiable with current music software. So I installed ituners which made copies of all mp3's on computer...therefore doubling the amount of disk space. With 34 gigs of music and counting (I am loading whole collection on to computer and going to hook up to the stereo - the 200 disk cd player is sent to the basement), this is not practical. Even bigger problem occured when new music had to be manually loaded into itunes or purchased directly from them. And Itunes does not compare with free juke box software. This may be user freindly if you own an apple but not if you don't. Ipod went back to the store. Apple also forced to fork over $50 to owners of older ipods. Search for user freindly mp3 player goes on.

The bad news is the bank is sending me a free ipod.

Bram said...

We have a friend who set up iTunes on his PC, but, by and large, I figure that Apple's PC "compatibility" is Jobs' jab at Gates.

But, um, we don't have an iPod.

dadm said...

Re: Artwork

just 2 words

"Real Feathers"

Liz said...

Bram of all people should understand the need (compulsion?) for comparison shopping. At least you didn't make a spreadsheet! or did you? or did he make one for you?

Please add photo of the fruits of your labor!

Mel said...

Here's a link to Television Without Pity's awesome summary of the finale - their summaries rock it..http://www.televisionwithoutpity.com/story.cgi?show=75&story=8053