Farewell, XM

We've let our subscription to XM lapse. We actually meant to do it last month, but they kind of renewed us before we could cancel.

The radio here's been a pleasant surprise (and not just the reception). We're just about always tuned in to KLBU, which plays the kind of downtempo electronica (Thievery Corporation, Blue States, Bebel Gilberto) that would ususally find its way into our CD player anyway. They do definitely have a playlist, but it hasn't started grating too badly yet. And, oddly, it's one kind of station that XM was really lacking; we would have to make do with Luna or XM Cafe (a.k.a. the Sting and Seal station).

NPR is well represented also, with the University of New Mexico's KUNM out of Albuquerque and Santa Fe's KSFR. Between the two (we still don't remember all the time which is which), we get our fix of Car Talk, Wait Wait, This American Life, though at some odd times; Morning Edition as well, though we really haven't gotten back into that habit. KUNM also has some good music and afternoon freeform (like you'd think a college would have) that we haven't been listening to enough. And KSFR really has a local feel that I get a particular kick out of.

The XMPR kind of wound up being a disappointment. We would catch the occasional Bob Edwards, but especially once we moved time zones, the rest of the schedule just wasn't working for us. And the way they bury Sounds Eclectic in the middle of the night is just baffling.

The station that's toughest to let go of is The System. Its beats got us across the country and was a good, all-purpose background (especially when working) — but its playlist puts a lot of the same stuff in heavy rotation. And, as much as we like his show, our long-time favorite (from back in the HFS and Insect Club days) Zoltar's show just wasn't enough.

We're still keeping the receiver, though.


jraphael said...

"We're still keeping the receiver, though."

"Can't have a back door, Alfred..."

andy said...

i got an ipod available...