Open Space

The area out back, up the hill, which I'm told is state land or somehow protected, is referred to as "open space." Around 6:00 this evening, I decided I'd head out there for a bit. It's all ridged and such, you can see where the water runoff happens (happened?), and can just walk wherever you want. Eventually, seems to all intersect with some dirt roads. There's tire or ATV tracks, but it takes you up to the ridge, and gives a view of the whole area.

It was hot, and a bit of an effort scrambling up and down, but good for a half-hour walk. Clearly, it's used often, and not by hikers. I don't think I've ever seen so much broken glass, even off the trail into the brush. A shame. Really.

Earlier today, went and saw Batman Begins. There are probably better things we could have done with our time and money, but, anyway. It was a good action flick, and a solid take on the mythology, but I was still disappointed. Was hoping for something that picked up more on Year One (reread this evening — what a tight story). Anybody wants to discuss, email.


Deb said...

Pictures: More evidence that you made the right move. Are things just more colorful there?

Bram said...

M&D, after their first visit more than a decade ago, commented that once you see it out here, you realize that O'Keeffe wasn't doing abstract art . . . she was painting what was really there.

But, the digital camera on a video monitor may distort things a bit — you'll just have to come on out and see for yourself.