"garden" update

The culinary sage died (too much H2O) and was replaced.

The California poppy seems to be on a bloom hiatus (too little H2o), but has set some more buds, so I'm hopeful.

Scarlet bugler penstemon is blooming:

I keep hoping to get a picture of some hummers — they zzizzzzzzzzz by, check out the red things, but don't stop. Oh well, I'll keep my fingers crossed for the Agastache.

Flame flower is flooming:

This has got to be one of the coolest, weirdest little plants I've seen. The base looks like it could be any type of succulent, but there are these teeny, thin, wirey stems that come up, with the buds + flowers. They are, if possible, even more neon magenta-pink than the photo shows. No scent, and they seem to last only a day. Lots of buds though, should last a while.


Mel said...

Very cool plant - and I really like the penstemon too...you'll get the hang of the H2O situation pretty quickly I'm sure -- my sage always grows like crazy though last fall (after two and a half years) it got really woody and I just took it out and I haven't replaced it yet. I like sage - but it produced a TON of leaves and there are only so many opportunities for sage - including the pumpkin cannelloni with scallops in a sage-butter sauce with fried sage leaves that I did for that party last fall...that took a lot of sage and didn't even make a dent really -- and Thanksgiving is the only other really big consumer of sage.

monica said...

Yeah, I always run afoul of the "buy-herb-plants-that-we-actually-eat" theory versus the "buy-plants-that-you-won't-kill" theory.

When I buy plants we actually eat/buy lots of (basil, cilantro), we'd end up eating the plant before it ever got big enough to sustain our voracious grazing. So we don't eat them, and because they're in (smallish) pots, they would never get big enough anyway. Thus, my current situation: small pots of chives, thyme, rosemary, and sage. Good in theory, but, like you said, how much sage can you eat?

>sigh< I need a yard.

monica said...

Now that I think about it, way back when I worked in Georgetown, I had chicken salad from Dean + Delucca a couple of times that used sage. Near as I can remember, it had chicken (duh), mayo, walnuts, sage, and cut-up (in half) seedless red grapes. hmmmmm... maybe I'll try to make some of that...