This week we are watching house + dog for friends of Janie + Joa. The house is amazing. Designed (+ built) by the owner, it's actually 2 buildings. One is two-stories, with bedroom + bathroom upstairs, kitchen downstairs, and the other is one story, with studio space (he's a sculptor) and office/guest space. All very spare, white plaster, concrete floors, plain wood (it reminds us very much of our trips to visit Steffen in Marfa). In between there is a courtyard, with one of those great, soaring, sail-like awnings, making a neat place to sit. There are great views, and a nice breeze, and only 5 minutes into town.

And, making sure that we water the flowers, get the mail, and eat the spinach, peas and radishes from the garden, is Cain (short for Canine), their Chow-Bernese mix:

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