final music on the hill

This past Wednesday was the last Music on the Hill concert of the summer at St. John's. Biggest crowd ever, and a lot of swirly dancing for Wagogo, the Reggae/World Music-type band that played. We met up with Stacey, her co-worker Andrew, her mother Bernice (who is an absolute stitch), and her friend Tracy who is back in town for a second summer of Big Fiber/Human Tools. I got there first (my office is closest), and staked out a spot with some blankets. Bram came next and brought some chairs and the roll-up table — which hasn't seen nearly as much use here in SFe as it did back in Arlington. Stacy scored some food from the Walter Burke catering tent, I brought some Trader Joe's drinks and snax and we set up real nice. It was a lovely evening with a gorgeous sunset, fun music, and no threat of rain.

Clockwise: me, Stacy, Bernice, Andrew, and Tracy

Andrew, Tracy, and Bram

Bernice wished someone knew how to Merengue or Mambo so she could dance.

Stacy and her Mom

So much swirly dancing!


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