Guaje Canyon Trail and Jemez Springs

Morning in Jemez Springs, about 45 minutes earlier than we thought it was because the clock was wrong. You may remember Jemez Springs from my … oh, that's right, I never actually did write up an entry about my staycation.

One afternoon was spent in Jemez Springs, doing a little hiking on some trails, and staying at Jemez Mountain Inn. The proprietor there was telling me about San Antonio Hot Springs, the most impressive in the area, and an alternate way of getting there by hiking, rather than driving in.

So we both managed to get a day off — together — yesterday. Made arrangements to stay at the Inn that evening, and thought we might try out San Antonio. Turns out that the special route I heard about, but didn't really remember the details of, is not posted anywhere online. But as it was shaping up yesterday, gray and cloudy (and humid!), hot springs didn't seem worth it. So with a late start out of Santa Fe (finally having gotten to Clafoutis for breakfast), we decided to head up Pajarito to the Guaje Canyon Trail.

Up in the mountains, definitely yet another environment; a lot of the trail showed the damage from the Cerro Grande fire years back, but it was a pretty trail, tree-lined and lush, with a steady-but-manageable uphill grade. (Click for larger.)


There's a loop (for cross-country skiing in the winter), but also a trail off that keeps going straight out. We headed up that for a while to an overlook into the Caldera.

Flies were swarming, it was getting late, and we could see thunderclouds moving in, so rather than push on to the canyon, we headed back to the car. Out about three hours, probably 5 or so miles.

Passed through some light rain on the drive into Jemez Springs, which turned pretty steady by the time we checked in. A nice dinner at Laughing Lizard; my plan to enjoy the Inn's patio was pretty much shot because of the rain, but we contented ourselves sitting on the little porch, watching the hummingbirds.

A delicious breakfast at Deb's Deli & Mercantile; plans to stop by Jemez State Monument, and then head to the 7000 BC table at the Warehouse 508 Block Party in Albuquerque.

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