Barbecue at Jamey's; Barbecue at Jamie's

As I noted in the DVD post, Saturday night had us going to two barbecues. And — well, first, let me apologize for that post. There's a perhaps moderately amusing story buried in there somewhere, but I think it fell victim to that "I have made this letter longer than usual because I lack the time to make it shorter" principle.



So the rains tapered off in the afternoon and we headed to Jamey's for a barbecue with the fencing crowd. Cool outside, nice for sitting and surveying the new little lawn (it's a long, sad, sod sob story), visiting, and meeting their dog Tanner. When they got him as a puppy, they knew he was part Heeler, but they didn't know what the other part was, and figured on a 40-or-so-pound dog. The other half is Rottweiler, apparently. So he's a big, but a total sweetie, and there's the possibility we'll be sitting for him.

A couple hours there, and we were off to Monica's co-worker Jamie's for their cookout. It was primarily for fellow museum folks, and the invitation read (links added):
For all those who have been Franked, Fluxed, Chaired, Needled, and almost sent around Gee's Bend or down the Old Spanish Trail in the process, it's time for a bit of Indigenous Comic relief from all the Tuff Stuff and Art on the Edge. Please leave the museums behind and join us to share a bit of your Native Couture amidst the Flower Power of our summer gardens...

Like last time, there was paella made in the outdoor fireplace.


andy said...

How come when I visit, the parties I get taken to have me eating vodka mised with garbage disposal instead of home made paella ?

monica said...

come back in the summer!