chair fabric!

Thanks to everyone who weighed in on the chairs. We, of course decided to go with choice D - none of the above:

Bram wanted something more "atomic"-looking, (His grandmother's kitchen still has its ORIGINAL salmon-with-white-and-gray-boomerang-pattern formica, and he's always loved that kind of stuff.) but I still wanted something botanical. After poking around some more, I found the one above. Called "Agapantha," it's botanical enough for me and retro enough for Bram, so there you go.


Paulbob said...

My parents still have the original yellow "boomerang" countertops in their house. Probably full of futuristic, sciencey asbestos...

M & D M said...

Looks great! Good compromise.

Just for the record, we saw the "salmon-with-white-and-gray-boomerang-pattern formica" pattern on tables in a restaurant next to the Taos Towing & Wrecking Company (norte of town). If the restaurant is still there the tables probably are.