Jason in Santa Fe

Jason, one of our buddies from the DCC, was passing through town on his way to San Diego. His book Postcards is up for an Eisner, so he's driving across country and writing about the comics shops and creators he meets.

He got into town around 6:30, after a long day of driving, but was still up for going into town. We wound up at Blue Corn Café, where we introduced Jason to the sweet burn that is Carna Adovada — though it got him sweating, he said he liked it. A clear evening (with no threat of rain as in the past few days), a bit cool, so we headed up to the Bell Tower Bar, as it turns out, just as it was about to close; got to take in the view for a couple minutes, just a bit after sunset.

Monica's co-worker Susan was playing with one of the bands she performs with, The AlphaCats, at Chispa at El Meson. We hadn't seen her with this group, and had never been there, so decided to check it out. We arrived between sets, which was good timing, as we got to visit with Susan and her husband — and got a seat, 'cause it filled up quick once they started playing.

We enjoyed some Sangria and some jazz for a set, then went on home (though I think we'll be back to spend more time there in the future). As I said, a clear night; the spring monsoons have set in, and even if it hasn't been heavy rain every night, it's not been the best for sitting outside. But last night was, with the fire pit going.

For Jason's comic tour, we made arrangements to meet up for breakfast today at Counter Culture Café with Kevin, one of the owners of True Believers, and Jamie.

Able to hang out for a while while Jason interviewed, then a brief stop at the shop. And then up to Museum Hill so Jason could check out Comic Art Indigène.

It had been a comic-ful day (and trip) for Jason, so before he had to head out, we took a drive up to the ski basin, to show off the area from 12,000' — and despite the carsick-inducing twists and turns, he professed to enjoy the little side trip.


Also, in news from Friday night: the ca. 2000 Mac laptop we've been using to play DVDs seems to have died (at least the DVD drive has; we're still keeping that as a backup for Web browsing), so it looks like we might actually have to buy a DVD player. And I got a good and embarrassing, ultra-geeky shout-out during the return of The Independent Get Down.

And some "Enjoying" updated to the left.

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