bathroom painting

So, the master bathroom, then. Perhaps you remember seeing this photo (from the real estate listing) posted last May:

Or this one, from last summer (the mirrors did not convey):

As you can see, the listing photo doesn't do the godawful ORANGE!-ness justice — that thing is ORANGE! Or was ORANGE! We decided to see if we couldn't get the master bathroom shower to where we could actually use it (we've been using the shower in the other bathroom since we moved in) until we save up some more $$ to renovate it. (Decided that getting the roof insulated would be a better use of our home-improvement funds.)

Our inspector was dubious about the usability of the shower, due to some cracking in the walls, and peeling paint. On further exploration, I found that the shower enclosure was done with a cement-type finish, applied like plaster to the walls, then painted over. The cracks were only in the cement coat, not thru to whatever wallboard was under. I figured we could scrape/sand/strip off any flaking paint, fill the cracks, prime, then re-paint (in a non-ORANGE! color). Thus giving us new, clean, de-groadilated shower walls, at least for a year or so, or until we finally get to renovating.

I know, I know, painted shower walls: weird, right? But that's what they were before. I think they were peeling because (as I discovered during my scraping/sanding/stripping), there was no primer between the original cement surface and the ORANGE paint. Oy.

Anyway, here's where I started last Friday. I got rid of the non-closing, gagtacular, brass-finish shower door last summer. Aaaaagh... so... ORANGE!!!! musn't... black... out...

And this is what the walls looked like under the paint. Note the presence of already-spackled cracks under the paint:

Primer coat:

Aaaaahhhhh... I feel better already. When we do renovate, everything I painted (or that butted up to where I painted), will either be tiled over, repainted, or removed, so I didn't have to worry much about edging neatness.

The paint was Behr "White Clay" which was a pretty darn close match to the non-ORANGE! hard-finish plaster walls in the bathroom. Semi-gloss finish.

Here's what it looks like now.

The white makes such a huge difference. The blue tile on the shower floor looks so much brighter now. If I squint and ignore the ORANGE!-painted cement floor and countertop, all that lovely white and blue tile almost looks like Santorini.

Next: mirrors, some hooks, and a cheapie interim shower door, or maybe a shower curtain hung from a rod in the "T" cut-out ziggurat-shape steps.


andy said...

I'm going to say it...I inda of liked the orange. But you should post a daytime picture with the new color because I think the tiles look a little dark. MAd skillz, Monica. Chuck the designer thing and go into renovations. I'm impressed.

paulbob said...

I'm with Andy. I sort of liked the orange-ness of the orangey orange finish. But this looks great, too.

Our bathroom in Venitian Pink. So that shows you how much I know about bathrooms...