some pix of the new place for Mother's Day

Lots of people (including our mothers) have requested photos of how the house is coming along. So, I thought I'd be all cute + try to match the same views as the pix from the MLS listing I posted before.

I very quickly realized that: a) whoever took the listing pix had one king hell of a wide angle lens on their camera; b) to replicate those shots would require piecing together at least 2 views per room; and c) after piecing together 1 or 2 rooms, I got fed up with it. You don't really need to see rooms full of boxes, do you??

From the street

It's been a very wet spring, and things are really green. We haven't turned on the sprinklers at all.

Living / dining rooms:

That's (part of) one of the shelves Jim made us, over on the left. Bram at the table, making the grocery list.


Now with our junk! No floor replacement yet.

Second bedroom / office:

The breaker box cover panel is off, so I can paint it. Then we're going to hang the big, framed "Silence" poster over it (the blue corners). Wait, why am I painting the breaker box cover?


Note the new Weber grill! Also, the knee-high, already-gone-to-seed dandelions... did I mention it's been rainy?

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Paul Bob said...

That is one nice grill, my friend!