Mowing and More from the Weekend

After hearing me talk about how our yard is getting out of control, what with the actual rain we've been getting here, M+D gave us a push mower. Arrived this week, and Saturday morning, Monica put it together.

The yard before:

Monica dives in:

Total time spent mowing tough to gauge. It wasn't continuous, there was a break for breakfast, and some touch-ups later. But figure 30 minutes, tops. Another 25 or so with the "side yard," less space but more overgrown and with less room to maneuver.

The day after, and after some clipping around the edges with the shears:

Sunday also brought the painting of our house number on the curb.

At one point, I headed outside while Monica was doing some weeding. One of the neighbor kids had set up a table and chair at the end of her driveway and looked, I thought, kind of like a little anchorperson. I asked Monica what was going on. "Art sale."

When the chores were done, we headed over and negotiated a drawing in exchange for some irises from our front yard.

Not a lemonade stand, but an art sale. Very Santa Fe.

Met another one of our neighbors; retired, and a native New Mexican. Described living here as "offering many of the benefits of living in the United States."


Jim said...

Monica - glad you are enjoying the mower. What exactly did Bram do other than document the weekend?

Bram said...

I was doing indoor unpacking stuff. When Monica headed out to the store, I decided it was far too nice to be inside and did the side yard. That's when I decided it was too hot for this. Though I did wind up, um, kinda grilling a backlog of documents we needed to destroy, and doing the edging with the shears.

Monica went on to install shelves and organize the shed.

(If Blogger allowed the strikethrough HTML code in its posts, this would've been a funnier comment).