The Bad Local Radio News Gets Worse

Apparently the proposed sale of Indie 101.5 will also encompass Blu 102.9 and KBAC — in one fell swoop, eliminating most of what I brag about in Santa Fe's radio scene.

A Web site has launched to try and keep these stations local, and they're providing a PDF with a form letter and contacts on the second page.


Sherry said...

So have they caught the peacock yet? Yes, the story of the run away peacock made our local news.

Bram said...

Um, have to admit I hadn't seen the story until you mentioned it. But according to the latest news I could find, the peacock is still at large.

We'll be keeping an eye out for it.

Sherry said...

They have the most annoying call! You'll hear it before you see it.

Bram said...

Still no peacock yet. The poor exploding crow, however, caused trouble for us the other morning, going to pick up my car at the shop. Shut down the stoplights on all three major arteries to downtown.

P + T et. al. are in town, and are on their way here now. Going to the farmers market, then up to the museums today.

Sherry said...

Give P, T & A big hugs!