Bad News for Local Radio

Just read this over at the Indie 101.5 site (update: New Mexican article here):


We just learned of the announcement that our frequency (101.5 FM) will be sold to a radio conglomerate who intends on piping in a generic, “High Altitude Rock” format.

We have been taken completely by surprise, as most of you probably have been. What we do know, is Indie, the music we play, our Staff, and the great connection we’ve built with Santa Fe is here now.

We’re examining our options, so stay tuned for more as the situation develops! As always, thanks for listening, and thanks for supporting Locally Owned Radio!

They'd really hit their stride these past few months with some new regular shows and a great playlist. This comes on the heels of KBAC narrowly surviving in its current form. Blu has also quietly done away with a couple of its DJs and, every time it doesn't come on when my alarm goes off, I'm worried it's the end. Santa Fe has a pretty great radio scene, much more interesting than most major cities, and I hope the stations can remain solvent.

There's still time to weigh in and save internet radio and help small stations keep streaming.

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