in case you haven't heard yet... part 2

We bought a house! It's 50 years old! Closing was end of March, and we're taking April to paint, pack, move. We've had numerous requests for pix, so here are the ones from the MLS listing, with the previous owner's furniture.

Curb appeal!

Living / dining rooms:


Guest room:

Second bedroom / office:

What was originally the garage has been converted into a master suite. Master bedroom:

Fireplace room:

Master bath: (the mirrors did not convey)

Backyard: (obviously, not a recent photo!)

We'll post more in-progress photos, eventually. Right now, too exhausted from painting.


Sherry said...

What color is the guest room going to be done in? Just wondering=:)

pagalina said...

sweet sweet house-love! I guess you're staying for a while out there! :)

Anonymous said...

yayayayayay!!!! Congratulations!

girlplease said...

wow! this is absolutely beautiful! congrats.

dorilynn said...

A fireplace room?! I bet you can get a white bearskin rug on craigslist. Congrats -- looking forward to seeing it all "bram and monica"-ed.