P+T+A+Trish in Santa Fe (Day 2)

Yesterday morning, Bandelier.

Thinking about the crowds and the potential for hot, sunny weather, we headed out early. Managed to stop by the Smith's to pick up lunch and breakfast, and make it out onto the Frijoles Canyon trail by 9:30 or so. P+T+A had spent a little time there on their visit last year, and wanted to show it to Trish and maybe make it further along.

Last year, Audrey loved climbing up the ladders to the cave cliff dwellings, and this year was no different.

We made it to the end of the trail, to the big climb up to the kiva. Thunderstorm was rolling in (and our rain gear was all safely back at the cars); and it was decided that, no matter how good Audrey had been at climbing so far, seven ladders and 140 feet was probably a bit much. Hurried back to the visitors center and had some lunch, watching the bit of the rain that did come through. And judging from the line of cars to get into the parking lot, we were wise have arrived early.

Several squirrel spottings on the trail. Regular gray ones, menacing a sleeping hiker; and an Abert's that rushed us.

Spent the afternoon with a few errands, then had the group over for a cookout. A little cloudy, but still comfortable. And, with the brats, delicious. A little stroll through the neighborhoods after.

They were planning on hitting the road early today, so we said our goodbyes last night.

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