we are experiencing Katrina-related technical difficulties... please stand by

Well, we never knew until now, but the servers where the Raised By Squirrels website lived, are (were?) in New Orleans. This is just one tiny thing, one non-life-threatening, one completely insignificant thing. But it drives home how freaking huge this is, and how it will affect all of us in ways we can't even begin to predict.

(If anyone's interested, we will continue to update the blog portion of RBS at http://raisedbysquirrels.blogspot.com/)


andy said...

As of Sunday morning, it looks like its back. Good thing no one looted it.

monica said...

heh. just read tonite on Wonkette:

"An operative who's been reporting on the disaster in New Orleans sent us a text message this morning:

I have a rehnquist joke for you - he's actually been dead for 4 days but fema just found him."


Bram said...

Up, down, up, down. RBS has disappeared again, I'm hoping it's got something to do with DirectNIC "migrating" the servers. Those folks are working like mad.