Today Bram recieved an email from someone who objected to two of the posts from September 8th: the one where I debated going to Zozobra, and the one where I reported on the event, once I had decided to go.

I would like to clarify that I wrote those posts.



I was not speaking for Bram, I was speaking for myself. Any former employer(s) mentioned were mine. And, unlike Bram, I don't really hold some of them in high enough regard to care what they think about my posts; I have no problem "demonizing" people by mentioning that I burned some of their paperwork, and some of my old business cards.

Actually, Bram asked me not to burn anything related to his former employer(s). The things I ended up burning for him were of a personal nature — which is why I didn't mention what they were in the post (nor in the subsequent comments). My reference to Bram's "past year's gloom" referred to how extraordinarily stressful this year has been for him (and for me). Deciding to give up steady jobs, and a nice home, and moving halfway across the country — away from family and many, many friends — wasn't easy.

To the emailer (and to anyone else, for that matter): If you have a problem with my previous (or future) posts, please feel free to leave a comment here at the blog, OR email me directly: m [underscore] meehan [at] mindspring [dot] com, OR you can just, you know, bite me.


Sherry said...

Monica, wow... Please do not let this incident in any way alter your input. Your writing and sharing your adventure are an inspiration. We that love you and support you in everything you do would not like to see any change. Hell, I look in a couple times a day and get really pissy if you guys (I like Bram's writing too) haven't added to the blog. Remember boring women never make history! You, my dear, have too much talent, wisdom, and humor to be boring so continue writing and sharing it all.
You Are loved

jraphael said...

If you're not ruffling any feathes, you're not doing your job.

monica said...

Sherry, Raph, (+ Mel)

thanks for the support

Sherry said...

No thanks necessary, chocolate cake when I visit will do!

andy said...

Someone is piqued. Liz request posting of offending (offensive?) e-mails and let the public decide.

AJ said...

This blog needed a little controversy! I agree with Andy. let's take it to the next level--share it all. (My imagination is pretty good though--and in my version there's lots of cursing)