...but we're huge in Santa Fe

The Sante Fe newsweekly has included an article on the local comic creators group and the anthology we've put together in its annual Fall Guide. And our first page is one of the illustrations, complete with a misspelled credit (in the print version, anyway).

Unfortunately, the article doesn't really go too much into the anthology. The only real restrictions on submissions to Hospital Stories were size and color (black and red) — and the story had to involve a hospital in some way. The group pulled together (and Monica designed) a 100-page book in about two months; the result is a pretty amazing range of styles and approaches and an impressive display of talent. But if the Xeric grant doesn't come through, it's going to be a while until it gets printed.

In the meantime, we've made a PDF of Autumn, our contribution, available for download.

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Steffen said...

Very cool, congratulations. And a beautiful strip.

Speaking of autumn, I hope that you're planning a trip to LA this fall/winter to brush up on your history: