fiesta: the end

Sunday we made it up to the suite at Eldorado in time for the Desfile de la Fiesta - Historical/Hysterical Parade (although, with the street closings, and my dawdling, it was a close thing). This was the Jay Miller + Friends Float Building Society's original raison d'etre. Before the group retired from competition, they'd won more awards for the "Most Hysterical" float than anyone in parade history.

We had a nice view from the rooftop terrace:

Absent a wacky/funny/political entry from the JM+F folks, the floats were the usual fare: local police and fire departments; high school bands, cheerleaders, sports teams; local businesses; candidates' campaign floats; churches and other civic groups. But there were a few that were probably unique to Fiesta, including "conquistadors" and "monks" on horseback, members of the Santa Fe Rodeo, and the "Royal Court." La Reina and the Princessas (that's the Indian Princessa up front):

Bram liked the gullwing Hummer and the Vote-4-Jesus-Mobile:

And, of course, you know the parade's over when you see the street sweeper brigade.

After the parade, we stopped by a BBQ thrown by one of Bram's co-workers, then were off to our comic creators' group meeting. By the time it wrapped up, we could have headed back up to the Eldorado one last time to see the candlelight procession up to the Cross of the Martyrs, but I was beat and ready to call it a night. ¡Viva la Fiesta!


Rudy Swanson said...

“…you know the parade's over when you see the street sweeper brigade.” – Haha! Well, that’s the main purpose of those trucks: to make sure that the road will remain as clean as possible. Some people who watched the parade may perhaps enjoyed watching those trucks pass by, especially the kids. I personally get amazed every time I see one because of its huge size. I feel like seeing Transformers in the flesh. :D

German Zollinger said...

Seeing street sweeper trucks on the road is usually an indication that the parade is already finished. But for some, children in particular, it's another event that you need to look forward to. It's fascinating for them to see these huge trucks clearing all the debris on the driveway. Some of them will even watch it until the whole cleaning process is done. That's how cool these trucks are for them.

German Zollinger @ Total Clean Equipment