no such automobile

Well, the trip to the MVD took less time than getting the right size screws. Bram wouldn't let me get the one-way bolts, so I had to settle for ones that can't be removed with a screwdriver, only a socket wrench.


andy said...

But yall have lost the sequential thing !

Beth Danae said...

that's a cool picture, did you take it yourself?

monica said...

Thanks! yes, I took it in the parking lot, with our little digital camera after I got back from my second trip to the Home Despot. >sigh< ...stupid screws.

How'd you find our blog? Next blog button?

jraphael said...

Is the prohibition on the one-way bolts a way of leaving the option open to needing to put Virginia tags back on?

If so, I'd file that under "H" for "Having a Back Door."