Tomorrow, we're off to SPX back in DC, exhibiting with some of our old buddies from the area. Our book of collected Raised By Squirrels has succesfully shipped to Maryland, and so now all we have to do is convince people to buy it.

Our first trip back, it'll be a quick hit. Now that the weird prefs thing seems to be solved with the laptop (not without its share of trauma), we plan on bringing it. Maybe we'll be able to do some updates on the road.

Let the geekfest begin.


jraphael said...

"Raedy to get it ON."

---Pvt. Hudson,
"Aliens"; Act II, Sc. II

Sherry said...

Am so bummed that we won't be able to get together. Next time for sure, and there'll always be my trip out to see you both!

andy said...

Front page of WSJ - comic book collecting. Coincidence ? I think not.