24 Hour Comics Day 2008

For the third year, we were happy to be a part of 7000 BC's sponsorship of 24 Hour Comics Day in Santa Fe (2006 here and 2007 here). For the first time, it wasn't held at True Believers (which will always be our spiritual home), but at the amazing new facilities at Warehouse 21. M+D stopped by around the start (oh, yeah, they got here on Wednesday, they'll be here for the next couple weeks housesitting for J+J) and I'm pretty sure can attest to the awesomeness that is the giant art space, encompassing a gallery (where we were set up), a digital media lab, and two stages, plus all sorts of other areas.

It all gave us more space than ever before for the 24 "official" participants (28, including the support folks) and the plenty of other friends, family, and hangers-on that stopped by. Undeniably the most successful yet, with 13 who completed the full 24 pages (read about the challenge here). Monica was working on a new issue of Raised By Squirrels; I had helped organize the event with W21 and Chris from True Believers, so had plenty of errands to run, but was liveblogging from the events at the official 24 hour comics blog:
The southern part of the group was running an event at the Harwood Art Center in Albuquerque — they were posting to 24hcd.blogspot.com as well — but they also had their own dedicated blog at 24 Hours in Q-Town.

One of the undeniably coolest things was the reporter and photographer from The Santa Fe New Mexican who stopped by, putting together an article on Saturday night that appeared in Sunday's paper — while it was still going on.

As always, it was an exciting, energizing time, inspiring to see the work that was produced, and to see the progression in the ten or so folks who were doing it once again. And, once again, we went home before midnight — but brought everyone bagels by 8:00. We actually ate really well, with donations from Walter Burke Catering, Java Joe's, Upper Crust Pizza, and La Montanita Co-Op.

It still makes for a long couple days. After cleaning up, we treated ourselves to a late breakfast at Zia Diner. Then it was back home to winterize — clean the windows and screens, pack the grill and such away in the shed. Even though it was around 70° today, we saw temperatures below freezing overnight this past week, and the threat of snow (which only materialized up in the mountains) as well.

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