Pearl Tree Planting

Our friend Stacy's father passed away around this time last year, and her mother Bernice moved out to Santa Fe soon after. When the time came for the family to consider a tombstone they decided that, rather than stick a rock in the ground that none of them would visit, it would be better to honor him with a couple pear trees that everyone could enjoy.

This past Sunday, Stacy and Jim hosted a party at their place, a gathering of friends and family to plant the trees.

After a couple days of cooling weather, we had a beautiful, 70° afternoon. M+D are still in town, and Stacy and Jim were good enough to extend the invitation to them as well. We visited some, caught up with Bernice, then it was time for the ceremony. They'd done plenty of work already, digging the holes and bringing in good soil (mostly rock and dirt in their yard). But after a few words, there was the planting to be done.


The crowd got into it (a couple had actually brought their own tools) and, with plenty of advice from all the gardeners on hand, soon the trees were planted and watered. Afterward, plenty of wonderful food (including Ben's namesake chicken dish) and more good times.

Update: D's posted his take on the day.

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