Road to the Cloud's House


Last night was the book release part for Road to the Cloud's House, a collection of prose poems by John Brandi and Renée Gregorio from an extended visit to Chiapas.

Tom at the Print Shop at the Palace of the Governors is behind the project. Tom made the paper, Monica did the typesetting, a calligrapher whose name I don't have with me now did a terrific icon for the title page, Tom and James printed it at the Palace, and then a local bookbinder (again, don't have the name here) put it all together. The result is a beautiful work that is as much a love letter to the region as it is to the nature of hand-making books.

The event last night was well-attended, and added to the whole experience of reading the book. Both poets, familiar with doing readings, their presentations of their pieces were lively and evocative, and demonstrated how they played off each other in writing them.


Right now, at the annual 24 Hour Comics Day event, this year at Warehouse 21. Doing a little liveblogging.

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