24 Hour Comics Day

Back from my business trip — and into 24 Hour Comics Day. It's an international event where creators attempt to make a 24-page comic in 24 straight hours (much more difficult than it sounds, I'm told). True Believers is hosting the only one in New Mexico along with help from 7000 BC; started at noon on Saturday and will run until noon on Sunday.

Here's Monica hard at work at hour five.

I'm here, not actually making a comic — still recovering from the big trip, but helping out with logistics and supplies and hopefully working on some of my things that have been put off too long.


Update: Sunday afternoon, and it's over; Monica got about 14 pages done. We actually went home for a few hours of sleep last night, returning in the cold, gray, rainy morning to bring bagels to the group. I was liveblogging for a while there (as it turns out, on the wrong blog) on a fussy, slow dialup connection, but you can follow our progress — and that of participants from around the world — at the 24 Hour Comics Blog. Or you can skip straight to our last three posts here, here, and here (our first one got lost in the transfer from the private blog to the public blog). For the truly curious, the full set of photos at Flickr.

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