Better Results This Time

Returned from visiting P+T in St. Paul (more on that later) Tuesday afternoon, a little worn out. But the return to work was pretty uneventful — so, what the hey, I'll compete in the D and Under Epee tournament at NMFF Wednesday night.

When I arrived, just as registration was closing around 6:00, to a wild flurry of activity. Wound up with 26 competitors — most of them beginners from Prep, along with a few from our club (most of whom I teach) — but there was enough that ratings would be awarded. It was pretty crazy, we were running all five strips, but it was great to have so many participants.

And, well, to skip ahead (and since you read the title, you can figure where it's going), I won it. Did well in the pools, got a bye in the first round of the direct eliminations. Made it through the first two, but the semifinal bout had me down 13-8 (in a 15-touch bout); came back, and we were tied at 14-14 when the second 3-minute period ended. The final went better; it was against the one of the other D fencers, from our club. By then, around 9:45, we were both dragging, but I pulled it out and earned my own D in epee.

No photos, but maybe someone else will have some.

Update: the official standings.


M & D M said...

Cool! Cut their bells off!

dori said...

congrats on the win! I didn't know you taught, too.

Bram said...

Yeah, we have a new member who joined our head coach in building up our classes, so I help handle the Tuesday night beginners. It's an awful lot of fun.