Another 24 Hour Comics Day Over

We've spent this weekend at the 24 Hour Comics Day event at True Believers. 24 Hour Comics Day is really a pretty amazing event — growing out of an idea from Scott McCloud, it's grown into an international event that really goes beyond making comics to a celebration of (and a challenge to) creativity.

We weren't participating as such, we were acting as, one of the artists characterized me as, a sort of "maitre' d". Helping out wherever possible, trying to cheer folks on (being, I fear, bit too sarcastic), documenting the whole thing. Enjoying that True Believers seemed to tolerate customers viewing us as authority figures. We showed up yesterday afternoon around 3:00 (three hours after their start time), sticking around into the night; we went home to sleep, but returned with bagels by 8:00 this morning.

It's pretty amazing to see what this day brings out in people. We had a few participants from 7000 BC, but also some local students just giving it a shot (from elementary school to college), others who had wanted to try for a time, one guy who wasn't doing comics but needed the kick to start his project. It's an inspiring thing, to see creators diving in and giving it a go.

Not going to go into it too much; was blogging the whole thing at the 24 Hour Comics Blog — where you can see our entries here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here — though I recommend you spend some time with the rest from across the world.

Two more fun things. Poualie started out working on a luchadore per hour, but moved on to another project. He was good enough to give us his first.

And David stopped by to hang out for a bit, doing, unbeknownst to me, a Dürer-style sketch while just standing around.


andy said...

Thanks for the torrent/updates. It's good to catch up. Looks like a great event, too.

Bram said...

Hey, and thanks for keeping us updated on the flurry of activity over at your place. Looks like it's going quickly — and well. Best of luck.

"pDa" said...