Today, after Panettone french toast for breakfast, headed up to Aspen Meadow, for another walk/hike. Looked a lot different than the last time we were up there. We were warm because of the sun, and because the trail goes pretty relentlessly up. Not too steep, though. Saw plenty of people on their way down: on snowshoes; on x-country skis; and, like us, on foot. Nice packed powder on the trail (a fire road, really), and at least a foot deep off the trail — you'd need skis or snowshoes there.

Back home to warm up, have snacks, tech support M+J's new, still-in-progress project for the Wethersfield Historical Society, leftover posole for dinner, more cookies for dessert. Oh, the COOKIES!


jraphael said...

Where's that zippy DD snow hat I gave you, Bram?

andy said...

Wethersfield Civil War...Is that the same as the War of Southern Independence (aka War of Northern Aggression) ?

Bram said...

In Virginia, we learned to refer to it as "The Recent Unpleasantness."